The effects of our thoughts

What I know about feelings is that we are free to feel whatever we need, in fact it’s quite healthy. But when we consistently drown in these feelings it becomes traumatic and unproductive. Trauma is never a good thing.

What we think leads to how we feel and how we feel leads to action.

Choosing to take a perspective shift is difficult when it’s so much easier to own the negative feelings. Anxiety can consume our thoughts and lead to maladaptive behaviors. It’s a slippery slope. Anxiety and depression go hand in hand as we tend to isolate, lack confidence in our abilities, and lose sight of hope.

When we think as positive as possible, we feel more peace. There is need to change the negative thinking habit we can so easily develop. We cannot do this until we become aware of our thinking patterns and make efforts to change. The support of a professional counselor is impactful as you begin to learn more about the reasons behind your thinking and behaviors.


It’s amazing what can happen in our lives when we take control of our thinking. I read a devotional that asked, will you let the problems define you, or refine you? It resonated with me. We have a choice in happiness even when there is weight.

Choose to be your biggest advocate instead of your greatest enemy. It is essential that we take care of our minds to fully take care of others.


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